Pour it on!

Now that I’ve got a blog of my own, I can post this song I wrote for Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Steve Hall, and all the other Independent Scientologists and FreeZoners. Your struggle has inspired me. Pour it on!

Here’s the link to Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10vVB271R8c

Here’s the lyrics:

Pour It On

Pour it on, pour it on, pour it on, pour it on

As the rushing water wears away the stone,

Pour it on, pour it on, pour it on, pour it on

Wash away the lies and let the truth be shown

From the land of justice flows the river of freedom,

But there’s people banned from drinking there,

Now it’s time to stand and let the cleansing waters of truth flow everywhere


Pour the truth upon the lies and watch them crumble,

Pour on light to chase the dark away,

To the dim confusion, pour out all your knowledge to change night into day


Now it’s time to re-connect the disconnected,

To reclaim our future from the past

Let the time come soon when every single prisoner emerges free at last!


Now, what art to put up? Something cheerful, I think.

It’s called “Dragonfly Heaven.”

Ta for now


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5 Responses to Pour it on!

  1. Another Layer says:

    What a wonderful song, and gorgeous artwork! I saw your video on Steve Hall’s site, and wanted to thank you for your creation. It means so much that you have such compassion for our struggle, and have chosen to communicate it so meaningfully.

  2. Anonymous SF says:

    Great stuff and I too admire those you mention…even the ones who aren’t Independent Scientologists. Do admire all the members of Anonymous as well ? Without their actions so many wouldn’t have felt empowered to leave to begin with in my opinion.

  3. Dear Karen,

    Your song challanges us to see truth. That was beautiful and so is the art work. As a former cult member seeking truth above the propaganda, you know how important it is to see all points of view in order to know and understand the traps. Please do come and visit us at Ex-Scientologist message board and explain how you were freed from the traps of the cult you were a part of. You will find many good people and posts, ones that explain the truth about how thay were suckered into scientology and how they ecaped the mentality that trapped them.

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