Green Man, dance with me!

So since there’s  some confusion about my religion (according to one wag, “all” my videos (one, really) had Mary, Mother of Jesus in the background — I knew I should’ve moved her off the shelf, but I have a thing about moving other people’s stuff, and, as an icon of a religion I’m not a member of, Mary feels very off limits to me) — shoot, where was I? Queen of tangents. Anyway, since people think I’m either a Scientologist or a Catholic (once again, I’m neither), I thought I’d post a song I wrote for my own faith.

A while ago, I decorated someone’s mandolin case with this fellow:

in gel roller ball ink on standard plastic case. Absolutely maddening — the pens kept clogging up — but a satisfying result. While I was drawing the Green Man, a melody kept coming in. So it’s both a drawing and a song. Today, my husband Wally joins me off-camera for the choruses; I didn’t realize he hadn’t succeeded in turning off the camera until a few seconds afterwards.

Here it is:

That’s all for now


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