To Mike Rinder — a salute

Mike Rinder on Today Tonight, July 2010

There’s nothing much more to add, except this: one thing the BBC didn’t mention was that this brave man knew no other world besides Scientology; his parents joined when he was only 5 years old. Despite this, he was able to step forward and speak the truth, after years of being forced to lie. Even when I saw him, so many years ago, deflecting comments on the Lisa McPherson case (yes, I was a Scientologist-watcher even then), I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t enjoying lying to the interviewer any more than the interviewer enjoyed being lied to. Most convincing is that he bears no apparent animosity toward his ex-wife’s current lies — he knows all too well what punishments she would garner if she had not spoken as ordered. He had to leave behind his children to escape — and everything he knew. Not everyone can be so brave to speak the truth when it means losing your family. The so-called church is keeping this man’s elderly mother from ever seeing him again, simply because he is speaking the truth.

So, Mr. Michael J. Rinder, I salute you. My blessings upon you, the family you had to leave behind, and the family you have forged on the outside. I pray that you will be reunited with all your loved ones some day soon.

So my picture today is from my Tarot deck: trump number 11 — Strength.

(c) copyright 2010 Karin A. Robinson

May all of us find strength and courage. Salve, Mike!

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