Lizzie McKenzie, Applesauce, and Obnoxynol

Fortunately, I can be in the woods even when I’m not on vacation! Oh, all right, it’s a modest stand of White Locust behind my condo unit. But you should hear them whisper in the breeze!

Anyhoo, here’s a song for today, an old, old favorite.

And, let’s see, which old chestnut can I pull out of the Spike Attic?

(c) 2007 Karin A. Robinson

Oh, yeah. That’s an old, old, old favorite; in fact, it’s the one print I’ve sold to someone who didn’t know me from eve. So, share if you like, but credit me always, ‘k?

And then there’s this gem from Goddess knows when.

If  you occasionally suffer from that “not so happy” feeling, your doctor may have something to help you. Pysher industries is proud to announce that help is on the way with a marvelous new advance in the treatment of the happiness challenged, with new…  OBNOXYNOL!

OBNOXYNOL may not be for everyone. If you smoke, you should not use OBNOXYNOL. OBNOXYNOL should not be take if you use aspirin or eat tuna fish or anything with vitamin C. If you are lactose intolerant, you should not take OBNOXYNOL. The most common side effects include headaches, nausea, distended bladder, and blood clots in the neck and legs. Total brain dysfunction may occur without warning. A small amount of test subjects reported seeing spots, melting walls and strange apocalyptic visions. Continued use of OBNOXYNOL can lead to hair loss, tooth loss, loss of will to live, chemical dependency and psychosis. Do not drive heavy machinery or attempt to stand up while using OBNOXYNOL.

Ask your doctor if OBNOXYNOL is right for you – OBNOXYNOL – it could brighten your day!

(your results may vary)

That’s all for now.


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