Happy Lughnasadh (belated)

So I’m a week late, yah. But this is when my Tribe celebrates it.

Lughnasadh, Lammas, Harvest Home — this is the day we kill the corn king, when the Green Man gives himself in communion to the people. Blessed be, the days of harvest are begun, and thanks be to Mother Earth.

All that aside, it is a twisted sort of holiday, the reminder that everyone is, ultimately, food for someone else. We might have forgotten that we are food for worms (and now, with the concrete liners, we’re food for anaerobic bacteria — I think I’d rather go to the worms, frankly), so it’s good to remember to savor every gulp of life and make it as delicious as possible. So that’s the spirit of Lughnasadh.

Here’s the song:


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