To Kassia with love

Recently, my brilliant and beautiful friend, Kassia, already in crisis, suffered two deep losses within a short time. It is a testament to her resilient spirit and her brave soul that she has risen above sorrow, still reaching out to those around her with her love and support. As promised on your facebook wall, dear Kassia, here’s a song for you, with a wish it might send you comfort.

And as the Tarot art for today, I can think of no more appropriate card than the card of the Reaper, for in his lesson comes the knowledge that all flesh is a shell, and that our spirits soar high above the cares of the physical. It is not this world of mud and flesh, joy and sorrow, that makes us who we are; rather it is the rainbow of love that flows between every living soul.

The thirteenth trump, Death.

(c) copyright 2010 Karin A. Robinson

Fall and rise and rise and fall again,

Know that we are all one in the end.

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One Response to To Kassia with love

  1. Wallace Robinson Jr. says:

    This Rooster_hen face…..I know it!
    Tis Quite Silly.

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