Mary Beth’s Cloud Castle

My friend Mary Beth is well-known in our tribe as the Hostess with the Mostest. Her wonderful soirees celebrating the Wheel of the Year, held at her house on Lake Champlain, are the meeting ground for a bevy of artists, musicians, thinkers, healers, dreamers and diviners. People meet, projects happen, dreams are realized. This house led me to What’s Alive Inside, introduced me to many good friends, including the parents of my godson.

Sadly, the house has now sold, and the last of the eight-yearly rituals at this gracious dwelling will be next month. In commemoration of this end of an era, I post this portrait of the House of Dreams. You’ll have to click on the image to zoom in on it.

(c) copyright 2010 Karin A. Robinson

To create this piece, I spent 3-4 hours taking tons of pictures of everything in the house that caught my eye, then about 50-60 hours creating the collage in Adobe Photoshop. The border is from her front garden (note the signature area created from her stone walk), the orange back is the wooden arched ceiling of her kitchen, and each of the windows shows exactly what you would see in that room. Similarly, the ornaments hanging in front of the house are placed at their approximate location in the house (except Mary Beth moved the ‘aum’ over closer to where the amethyst geode is since I’ve done this). The sunset scene in the house is taken from her backyard, and the moon in the window was taken in her front yard.

We just had my godson Max’s baby shower there last weekend; fun and silly games were had by all. Let’s just say you haven’t lived life until you’ve tried to catch marshmallows on a string with only your mouth, while your head is restrained by a rubber band around the tree behind you.


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