Sexe and the Single Purple Hand-Thing

I’m feeling like being a little silly and celebrational today. Rosh Hashanah and Eid al Fitr coincide, and so let’s send out some goodwill love to our cousins of the Jewish and Muslim faiths today. May all faiths be able to coexist peacefully someday, without such fear and ignorance as we’ve all seen lately.

Yeah, the asshats of the world get me down. I’ve decided not to rant, but the letters column of the current Time magazine left me feeling disillusioned about humanity’s capacity for tolerance, compassion, or even simple understanding.

*sigh* So, I feel like turning it all around and being silly. I posted this a while ago on YouTube, and I still love it. I was watching it to cheer myself up and I thought, what the heck, it might cheer someone else up. So here it is:

And if that isn’t silly enough, here’s the silliest I’ve got:

(c) 2010 Karin A. Robinson

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