Tidal Pools and a Good Man

As of last June, I’ve been married for 10 years now. The man I married is a kind, gentle, warm-hearted and generous soul, a good friend with whom I have much in common.

One of things we have in common is that we’re both very good at procrastination. So we just celebrated our wedding anniversary *this* weekend. We went to a lovely little hotel: the Atlantic Motor Inn in Wells, Maine — about a 5 hour drive away if you take the scenic route, which we did — and had steamers and clam strips and lobsters and crab rolls and generally terrorized all the available crustaceans and mollusks we could find.  We strolled on the beach in glorious sunshine, walked the nature trail at the Rachel Carson nature preserve, and had ourselves the perfect romantic weekend. Of course, we took both cameras along, since we also both like digital shutterbugging. So here’s our vacation shots:

Wally took this shot at sunrise Saturday. I think I was still in bed. But I was with Wally when he took these at the Rachel Carson preserve later in the morning:

And then I had fun snapping these along the beach in the afternoon.

Pretty lines in the sand!

Barnacles…                                                       … and snails…

… and anenomes, oh, my!

The Wally-gator, with the tide coming in behind him.

Each tidal pool is like its own little world.

And where would the Atlantic coast be without sharp freakin’ rocks? But this one looks like a radiation symbol to me.

And this one is just plain funky.

But we had a great time and ate lots of lobster!

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4 Responses to Tidal Pools and a Good Man

  1. Kenric says:

    I love tidal pools! They have provided some of my favorite Maine moments over the years. didn’t get there this year, so thanks for posting ’em.

    • phoenyxrose says:

      I know — tidal pools rock! (no pun intended) I was actually dreaming of making a coffee-table book of ’em, but do people even *do* coffee-table books anymore, or are blogs the modern equivalent?

  2. Sally Dames says:

    Wow. Spike..Great photos ! Really eye catching. Looks like you guys had some nice weather too ! So glad you had a chance to get away…see you soon !

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