Farewell, Spot

Spot, our little yellow parakeet (named for the sole spot of green on his rump) has gone to the Big Birdcage in the sky, after a week’s illness. He stayed with us for a little over two years, singing and tweeting, hanging upside down from his toy ladder, and flying around our heads in his own game of ‘wing the humans.’  We’re not sure how old he was, as he was a rescue bird, but he brought joy and companionship to our older (7 yrs.) parakeet, Oliver, and, although he often pushed Oliver around a bit, they loved to play ‘chase’ together on their playperch.

Oliver is taking the loss better than I am (I confess, at the sight of the little yellow lifeless body, I broke into tears and am still weeping like a baby even now), and the older bird is flying around to all the corners and nooks and crannies in the house, sounding his ‘flock maintenance’ call. I’m sure he knows Spot is gone, but I think he’s sending Spot to the afterlife with a song, calling out to let him know that we still love him.

I’m getting maudlin now, so I’ll just close with a pic of the little guy. I hope wherever his spirit is, there’s plenty of flying room.

I know I have a better picture somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.

(later) here’s a better one. Oliver is the grey-blue one, Spot the yellow. This was taken when we were camping at Grand Isle this summer.

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One Response to Farewell, Spot

  1. Marna says:

    Spike, thank you for this post. It’s beautiful! The way we grow from our relationships to our animal friends is very special, and the comfort and love that arises from our animal connections is so life-affirming and uplifting. It asks the best of us, and brings it out in us.

    It’s great that you have such a beautiful connection to your avian buddy. Sorry I didn’t get to give you a hug yesterday, but here’s a virtual one! XOXO

    thanks again for posting, honey…

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