On the Second Day …

So, I found some turtle doves, at $20.00 apiece.


Total for the day — $40.00

Now, here’s where folks start disagreeing. My husband says that once you’ve bought the darn pear tree, you shouldn’t have to buy it again. My sister, however, maintains that as each previous present is re-listed in the every verse, every previous gift must be repeated on each successive day.

So, the grand total — today’s $40.00 doves, plus another pear tree and partridge for $43.00 — comes to:

Grand total: $83.00.

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2 Responses to On the Second Day …

  1. Kenric says:

    I can see where this logic is headed, but there might be more than one scenario concerning the accumulation of the gifts. Consider whether on each successive day:

    1. that the previous day’s gifts were repeated cumulatively, so that by the twelve day the recipient was knee-deep in various kinds of guano;

    2. that the repeating–in reverse–of all of the successive previous day’s gifts is a device commonly used in the folk-song world to test the ability of the performer, especially during a moment of spirit-enhanced revelry, to remember all the verses backwards, i.e “The Bog Down in the Valley-O.”

    It is conceivable, considering the open question, that the recipient is merely making an account of her or his assets prior to the inevitable visit of the Shire-Reeve the following April 15. So should you and I.

    Whatever the answer may be, I wish you and your family much success in the coming year, and don’t buy all those gifts on credit!

  2. phoenyxrose says:

    Well, yes, I get the repetition, and you argue the case beautifully, old friend. However, the real answer is that it’s more fun and dramatic to keep a running total.

    And all the guano will be good for the garden.

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