On the Eighth Day

All right, happy campers, thanks for sticking with me through all the birds. Now before we get into the fun world of labor for hire (4 of the final 5 days will involve the services of trained professionals), we need some milk cows for the milkmaids to milk. Now, folks have suggested leasing the cows, but although the $100 day rate I found was indeed less expensive than actually buying the cows, I couldn’t find any reputable leasing company that didn’t require a 2-year contract. So, we’re buying those moo-cows, not leasing, and maybe the true love in question can sell ’em on Craigslist later.

So, 8 Milk Cows (reg. Jersey) @ $1,100.00 ea — $8,800.00 for the cows


Now, I won’t even tell you what I found when I originally started looking for milkmaids on the internet. Not even gonna comment. Eventually, I went to the Department of Agriculture, and found what agricultural workers take home, then gave them an extra quarter-dollar an hour for coming to milk these cows while listening to all those birds squawking. At first, I thought I needed them for an 8-hour shift, but it only takes 20-30 minutes to milk a cow. I’ll figure 2 30-minute milkings per day (no sense in rushing these things), so:

8 Milkmaids for 2 1/2-hour shifts (1 hour total work) @ $7.50/hr., $60 per day, multiplied for 8 milkmaids, makes $480 for the maids, and $9,280 for the day.


Add up another round of the previous festive insanity ($5,940.90), and we’ve got:

Grand Total: $15,220.90

Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to On the Eighth Day

  1. Spacefall says:

    Wow, just caught up on these. Brilliant XD

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