On the Ninth Day …

It took me a while to find what it would cost to hire a dancer — the individual troupes won’t post their quotes until they know what they’re getting into, so I wasn’t going to bother them with a hypothetical gig. However, I did find a good list of relative payscales by profession, and they list $19,000-58,000 (ballpark) as the range of yearly salaries earned by ballet dancers (I decided to go the classic route).


Taking $38,000 as the median income, it’s an easy extrapolation to calculate an hourly wage of $18.36.

So we’re going to hire our hypothetical ballerinas for a nice round figure of $20/hr, and I think a two hour show would make it worth everyone’s while. So $40 per ballerina makes $360 for the day.


It turns out, that in calculating the previous day’s gifts to be added to today’s gift, I didn’t consider that it’s the maids-a-milking, not the milk cows, that needed to be re-paid for (that is, hired for another day’s work). So instead of adding another $9,280 for the day, we need only pay the milkmaids to milk the same cows again, making the total for day 9:

$5,940.90 for swans, geese, gold, etc., plus $480 for milking services, plus $360 for our dancers:

Grand Total: $6,780.90

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