On the Tenth Day …

This is the most expensive day yet — plane tickets don’t grow on trees, and for this one there’s only one place we’re going to find Lords to leap for us.

Specifically, the House of Lords. Now, I’m just gonna cut through all the palaver and assorted malarkey and assume that these fine fellows will be more than happy to come and leap for us, especially as I’m plumping for airfare, transport, accommodations, and meals.

So here’s the rundown: Airfare (first class of course), British Airways (what else), round trip ticket, starting Jan.3 and going to Jan.7, to give them a nice time leaping here but still get home for the weekend. So, the airfare is $6,340.94 per Lord, or, moving the decimal over (thank Gaia it’s the tenth day — these numbers are making my brain cringe) $63,409.40 for the ten of them. However, British Airways isn’t running the flights we need with First Class into Burlington International, so I’ve got our lads a flight into Logan at Boston.


Once they’re here, they’re going to need transportation, and I don’t think a yellow cab would do. Our local limo services won’t quote without an actual gig, but I did find the quote of $150/hour in a “what to expect to pay” site. I think the guys could share a limo, and 5 lords to a limo seems reasonable.  With transport from Boston up to Burlington (4 hours), and then another two hours to the leaping site and then back to their hotel, that’s 6 hours of 2 limos, or 12 limo-hours, which is $1800 for transport.


Then, of course, the good leaping Lords will need somewhere nice to stay. Well, I don’t know nicer than the Willard Street Inn, where Wally and I spent the first couple nights of our honeymoon. They’ve only got 16 rooms, but in our hypothetical universe, they’re all available. The rooms are beautiful (check out this link — we stayed in the Tower Room), and range in price from $145-$235 a night.  For sanity purposes, I’m going to use a median rate of $190, or $1,900 for ten Lords.

Now, these guys aren’t stopping at MacDonald’s. I’m going to assume they’ll want to do breakfast at the Inn, where $15 for a breakfast is a good deal — and believe me, the food is worth it, if I remember correctly.

Lunch can happen downtown, where you can get a $25 lunch that’d please any Lord, and supper can be somewhere really nice for $50/plate. This is based not on web-crawling, but years of restaurant crawling in Burlington; your local rates may vary.

So, for all ten lords, $150 for breakfast, $250 for lunch, $500 for dinner. I realize these are round figures, and after eating at Burlington’s finest, so will the Lords be (round figures, I mean). That makes $900 for food.

Plus the $1,900 accommodations, the $1,800 for transport, and $63,410 (I rounded up; gimme a break, okay?) for airfare, that’s a whopping $68,010 for the day, or, plus $6,780.90 worth of previous gifts, (note edit)

Grand Total: $74,7909

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2 Responses to On the Tenth Day …

  1. Spacefall says:

    Gosh, it hadn’t occurred to me that Lords a leaping were so much more expensive in the US!

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