On the Twelfth Day …

Well, it’s been a wild and expensive trip. Just like our pipers, I’m going to hire our drummers for street musician rates at $50 for two hours of drumming, or $600 for twelve. Add in:

Eleven pipers piping: $550

Ten Lords a-leaping $4,600

Nine ladies dancing: $360

Eight maids a-milking: $480

Seven swans a-swimming: $42,00

Six geese a-laying: $57.90

Five golden rings: $1050

Four calling birds: $100

Three French hens: $450

Two turtle doves: $40.00

And a partridge in a pear tree:$ 43.00

Grand Total: 12,530.90

Having a True Love to spend a little cash on: priceless.

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One Response to On the Twelfth Day …

  1. Kenric says:

    Thanks for the fun, Spike!

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