A Short and Helpful Guide to Astral Travel

Within your mind is a universe full of wonder and wisdom, with secrets ancient and new. But there are a few things that any careful traveler in the Astral planes should keep in mind:

1. Remember, all that happens within your perception is *your* perception. It is sacred and special to you, but is *not* to be confused with the just as sacred and special journeys of your friends and loved ones.

2. What you bring to the party is what you’ve got to work with. You will face your own demons, shadows, and fears; everything that happens to you here is *your* responsibility.

3. Everyone you meet here is also you. Though these reflections may look and act like someone you know and love, you are in control. These are your perceptions and feelings about this person, *not* the person themselves.

4. Always remember to check your filters. What you choose to experience here is filtered through your hopes, fears, cultural conditioning and emotional baggage. Be aware of your own issues, because you *will* face them here.

5. Don’t take this journey – or yourself – too seriously. Even the most fearsome of journeys teaches us a valuable lesson. But do not make the mistake of confusing astral events with “real” ones. An astral altercation with the form of a loved one does not mean that you cannot trust that person in reality.

6. Above all, have fun. This is the ultimate Role Playing Game, and you’re in charge! Learn, Love, and happy travels!

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