How to Burn Up Your Computer’s Core Memory in Two Easy Lessons

1. Decide to screw around with fractals. 

This was my first mistake – while I was in the process of creating the unicorns I posted earlier, I decided I needed a break, and so I rummaged around in my stock photos and picked something relatively easy, yet definitely quirky enough to be fun: a simple closeup of my husband’s eye, which I’ve used in any number of my digital collages.


Beautiful, right? Would that I could’ve just spent the evening staring into those eyes, but those same eyes were currently reading the fascinating novel tattooed on the inside of his eyelids; to put it simply, he was asleep, I was bored, and it was easy to cut and paste a couple of iterations of a very simple fractal:

Imagemeh. doesn’t do much for me, either. It was then I made my second mistake:

2. Duplicate *All* the Layers!

I went bonkers. Completely nuts. Because of, you know, hexagons and stuff.

progression 2progression one




Then I had fun with layer styles:

darksymmetry alternating iterations, base color


And then, my favorite so far, came when I started screwing around with applying a simple gradient to the layer masks in a rotation:

zfractaleyefadeIt’s a good exercise in patience, but I had to trade a lot of ability to edit each individual eyeball, in order to keep my poor, long-suffering laptop from exploding. Had I kept each iteration’s triangles intact as their own separate layers, this pic alone would have had over 10,000 working layers!

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