Fun With A Shape and Some Beans

EDIT: I’ve noticed that this is one of my popular posts, particularly in Europe! Well, hello and welcome! I’ve put a few of the designs below on phone cases, but if you want a mug or a mousepad or pretty much anything with any of these designs, please contact me via the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll make it available on Zazzle!

Hallo von Vermont, USA! Ich habe bemerkt, dass jemand in Deutschland mag meine Formen und “Bohnen” Post! Wollte nur sagen, ich danke Ihnen und ich bin froh, Ihnen meine Arbeit gefällt!

Well, I’ve been taking a break from a big photoshop project that I’ll be posting later, giving myself a month’s respite before I do the final polish. During that interval, I made myself a funky shape to play with:


So I then made a few basic symmetrical studies:

Image a simple kitchen-tile sort of thing. I might even use it for another artwork when I need some pretty tile. And if you want it on a phone case, you need only click here.



And then there’s this one; it just intrigued me:


So, I had to create this:
Then, of course, there’s some spiral effects:
But, frankly, I prefer the plain, simple classic look of this one best:
EDIT: seems like a lot of folk like this one. So here it is as a water bottle, here it is as a mouse pad, a really classy necktie, a cool deck of cards, and, of course, this nifty coffee mug. Want it on something else? fill out the form below, I’m always happy to oblige!
Then I got silly and wanted to see what it’d look like with a motion illusion, you know, this kind:
Would you like a phone case with this pattern? Click here.
And so, I came up with this:
But not before I’d nutzed around with the “motion beans” to create these eye-benders:
And then, just because I was getting silly, I finished off with something that was neither a motion illusion nor related to my new pet shape:
ImageYou know, just to give myself some perspective.
I’ll be posting the “real” art soon, once I finish polishing her up…
‘Ta for now.
So, as promised, here’s the order form to request any of the above images printed on anything you want.
Just tell me which pic you want and what sort of thing you want it on in the form below. For a good idea of what’s available and how much it’ll cost you, go to and cruise the categories of blank items.

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