Introducing Creepfest: My Dream Movie

For years now, I’ve had a long-standing … well, it’s not quite a joke, but perhaps a humorous daydream, that I would love to see Steve Buscemi, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Tony Shalhoub and Christopher Walken in any movie together. These five gentlemen are the best of the bizarre, the quintessence of quirkiness, the sultans of strange, the olympiads of odd, the most wonderful of the madly weird, the creme de la Creep…

Well, you get the idea.

So one day I decided to make my own poster of a movie with these guys in it, just for laughs. And, well, if you’ve been following this blog, you know that things, er… tend to happen when I go into pixel-land. Aw, heck – it happens whenever I create any art, in any medium. Just as drawing on a mandolin case will suddenly have me humming a tune, leading me to compose a new song (see “Green Man,” here), so the process of creating this poster inevitably birthed the basic plotline and character sketches for the movie.

Here’s the poster:

In a world where the only reality is to become someone else's dream, they dared to create a dream of freedom - and make it a reality for all.

In a world where the only reality is to become someone else’s dream, they dared to create a dream of freedom – and make it a reality for all.

So, I showed it around to a few friends, even, in a really silly mood, put up a Facebook page, inviting a few friends to “Like” it, more as a joke than anything else. (Here’s that link, if you do le fb.) Then someone at work suggested that I actually see what I could do to write up a plotline and actually send it to someone. When I said “yeah, but who could I sent it to?” he answered George Clooney, who apparently takes an interest in all sorts of out-of-the-way projects and good causes. Well, Mr. Clooney, if you’re out there, I promise to make the ride worth your while if you’ll take a look. To everyone else, I’m going to be putting up a plot outline and more art soon – thanks for tuning in.

Now here’s the disclaimer – of course I just pulled the actors’ faces from NNBD, or from the first good-looking pic I could find from a google search. I do not own the rights to these images, and this art is not for sale, so I am not benefiting from it financially. In other words, as they say in the slash world, I don’t owns ’em; I just plays with ’em.

P.S. : And here’s the image without words:

without words


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