New Window Art!

  • My dear friend Marna was kind enough to zap these over to me. A couple years ago now, I painted this door for her front entryway. Her father was a prominent beekeeper in the area, so she asked for a bee motif. She wanted a small opening to be able to see who was at the door, so I left open 3 hexagonal spaces: the center one at average adult height, the upper one for her eldest son, who is very very tall, and the lower one to accommodate her two younger sons. The whole thing took me about thirty-something hours, over the space of a week. Because the door, like mine, couldn’t be removed, it was a battle against gravity as well as viscosity.

But what a glorious battle it was! Qapla’!

I had to check up on my insect anatomy to get the bees just right.

I had to check up on my insect anatomy to get the bees just right. And the stinger on the little guy below was one of those “yes!” moments when you get it just right.

center bee

in situ Soon after I was done, Marna painted her entryway to create this wonderful space.

These old-fashioned beehives are called “Skeps.” Not a bad Scrabble word…hive closeup

and here’s a closeup of that little bee:

hive bee


So how do *you* get a Spike-O-Riffic door of your own, you ask???? Fear not, I am here to help. Simply fill out the nifty contact form and I’ll be happy to start creating your own customized door or window today!

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One Response to New Window Art!

  1. phoenyxrose says:

    Marna just dropped me a note:
    “Spike, gorgeous post. Love the pix! I think all your prospective clients should also realize the entertainment value that comes with your work … having Spike in your house is like having a stand-up comedian of your very own. The ROTFLMAO factor is an added bonus!”

    Thanks as ever! Yeah, I do like to have fun while I work, and I do love to make people laugh. So, yes, I suppose that if you hire me to do your door or window, I’ll make life just a little more amusing, too.

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