The Scorpion Files hits the press

(trumpet fanfare)

I’ve finally DONE IT!!!

After years, no, decades of hard, hard, hard work.

Now available on Kindle and in print at and other venues:

buy it at here

and contact me below for other vendors!


  • Introducing the crew of the Lunar Trading Ship Scorpion: Helmsman Kat Sandersen, the reluctant royal who would rather be pod-racing,
  • Timid communications tech Raleigh Spencer, who has a talent for holo-photography – and for getting her cousin Kat into trouble,
  • Sexy Maia Windsor, ship’s navigator and part-time prostitute,
  •  Ship’s gunner Zap Tarsis, who finds it easier to blow things up than get to duty on time,
  •  Ship’s engineer Max Kress, whose father just happens to be in charge of the enemy Martian forces,
  •  Operations tech Jem Xaraax, cybernetically enhanced human and gardening nut, and
  • Consultant Rochester, the cantankerous, brass-plated sage whose job it is to keep them all alive –  whether he wants to or not.
  • Under the command of their mysterious captain, notorious smuggler, assassin, and musician Parkhurst the Wolf, the crew travels through the solar system, fighting for justice, tolerance, and a good buyer for their reasonably-priced, only slightly-stolen merchandise.

new border orchid

The Luninatia* Orchid is not just a set of stories to me: it’s a whole lifestyle, an original world I created as a small child, while spending endless happy hours in my room talking to my collection of stuffed animals, inventing all sorts of adventures for us to experience together.  The stories I told and the characters I created have stayed with me: my personal tribe of imaginary friends has grown into the characters in these pages and elsewhere, and their world has evolved just as my own concept of the external world has grown.

My first attempt at the Great American Science Fiction Novel occurred during the dark days of the ‘80s; the subsequent attempts always seemed to draw out the basic story arc into ever-increasing lengths, until, by the time I was studying English literature at UVM, it had evolved into much more than the original planned trilogy. In addition to the finished first novel (The Buckingham Lease) and its following books currently under construction, there are at least two other standalone novels and dozens of short stories, six of which are in this new release. These specific stories center (mostly) on the crew of the Lunar Trading Ship Scorpion, and so I have named the volume accordingly. There are other stories that go elsewhere, involving other parts of this world, and they, like the trilogy, will appear once they, too, are ready for the telling.

After much fighting with margins (insert your favorite “gutter language” joke here), I have finally sent my proofs for print publication to’s in-house self-publishing house, CreateSpace, as well as through the Kindle self-publish engine.

* “Luninatia,” meaning “moon-born,” is pronounced to rhyme with “moon a nation”

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