Live on! (and from other fine vendors)

Sorry for the semi-repost here, but I wanted this update to get out to those who would’ve checked before and missed it:

The Scorpion Files are now available on Kindle at (other vendor details below)

buy it now on Kindle at here

And, the print copies are available, too! you can buy from me direct: including potage, I’m charging $6.00 for the regular black and white version , $17.00 for the extra-special “Deluxe” edition in full color (with never-before-released bonus material!). Use the form below and I’ll contact you to arrange sale and delivery. 

The two print editions of The Scorpion Files will be available at by Monday, black and white for $9.99, the color for $24.99.

And the batch of short stories making up the bulk of the book are still available individually on Kindle, and contact me below for purchasing these stories individually elsewhere.

Check out my author page here!

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