The Buckingham Lease by S. G. Robinson

The Buckingham Lease

By S. G.  “Spike” Robinson

A tale of sex, neo-jazz, more sex, pod-racing, and polyamorous bisexual pagans on the moon.

buckingham lease front

Kat Sandersen might not like her commanding officer, but she has to admit that he’s got style.

According to the extremely flexible marriage laws of her world, Kat has at least six parents, as well as a dozen more mentors, teachers, and enthusiastic guides. But the only person she actually has to obey is her Orchidary, the notorious smuggler, assassin and concert pianist Wing Parkhurst, a mysterious and sometimes murderous man with a talent for making her life miserable. That’s no easy task: their home settlement of Freedom, Luna, is one of the most hedonistic and permissive cultures known to humanity. Here, in the bowers of Freedom Park Green, any consenting adult can
engage in loveplay with any variety – or number – of partners desired, and the tea-shops and theaters in Vendors’ Square offer pleasurable and tantalizing experiences of all kinds. Kat’s family owns the biggest and oldest tourist trap in Freedom, the Moonborn Café, a brothel and restaurant where the staff has elevated physical
pleasure into an art form.

As a woman of Luna, Kat has only one person sexually forbidden to her, but as that person is Captain Wing Parkhurst, she has no problem following that rule. After all, just because he’s intelligent, debonair, and the living definition of suave doesn’t mean she finds him attractive in the least. She just wishes he were easier to avoid: as her commanding officer in the Luna Smugglers’ Guild, he can send her anywhere he wants, and he usually chooses to send her into danger.

But now she’s been captured during a disastrous mission to Earth, and she and the rest of the crew of the L.T.S. Scorpion have been sentenced to five years’ labor as Associates of the Earth Company, where anything fun, like sex, unapproved music, or even a good book, is not only illegal but potentially hazardous, as any Company Associate caught breaking the rules – or even not singing enthusiastically enough during the weekly Happysing – will find life becoming very unpleasant, very quickly….

“Steamy, sassy, and sexy; witty and waterful – a classic!” ~Raphael Ihgnar-Wright, Deimos Times  

“The must-read book of 2392!” ~Xian Anderson, Titan Observer

“This no-holds-barred, cannot-put-down, tell-all expose, centering on the life and loves of two of our most notorious citizens, delivers a powerful punch like none other. Certainly no aficionado of the affairs of the Sandersen clan will want to miss this valuable volume of lurid lore and dangerous doings. Get out your Orchomat and BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!!” ~Jamal Sigourne, Luna Today

That’s right, folks, it’s available here, it’s available now. On, in 3-5 business days (hey, not bad, considering. No complaints here). Any case, if you want a copy, they’re $15.00 for 164 pages of sex, neo-jazz, more sex, pod racing … and just a little bit more.

Also, for anyone ordering from this blog, I’ll autograph the copy if you tell me who to make it out to. Fair enough? Now, like Jamal says: BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!!

For right now, I’m only accepting checks, but as soon as I get the %^*#%$^ing Paypal button to work… for some reason, it keeps on disappearing from the code…. grrrr……..

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