It didn’t end well

I’ve been doing some word art/philosophy; my post on Jan. 23rd was one of a pair that I did in a state of artistic righteous indignation. This one is aimed at people who insist on saying: “You’re in America; speak English.”

a warning from history

Let’s face it, even before our country annexed a fair portion of Spanish-speaking Mexico back in 1848, not all Americans spoke English. Here in my home state of Vermont, we had schools teaching half the day in French up until a half-century ago. The language and culture of those teeny little islands off the northwest corner of Europe is just one language; believe it or not, most folks on Earth have to speak at least two languages just to get by, and sometimes up to six if they’re in business. Let’s grow up and join the world again, eh?

here’s a good link about the Mexican-American war and the annexation of Texas:

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