A Conversation with a Caterpillar

Once, a long time ago, my dear friend Lindsay posted this picture of himself:

original lindz  … and I said to myself: holy shit! That’s the Caterpillar, from Alice in Wonderland. And I knew I had to create the scene – Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorites, and the scene with the Caterpillar one of my favorite parts.

So, first, I created a forest. I grabbed a nice sunset through sumac from my stock files. This shot is taken by the tennis courts behind our condo:

sun through sumac

So I copied it, erased the sun in all but one of them, blended,  pasted, applied gradients, added a leafy floor, and we have forest:


Then I added several copies of one branch…

forest with branches

Then, it’s Caterpillar time! So, first he started off green, and just a body and head. 2 24 13

A real caterpillar would want to blend into the greenery, but this guy needs to stand out more. And the mushroom needed a color adjust, too: 

3 2 13

At one point, I didn’t think I’d ever be done with the arms and the legs…

Then, the hookah cord got WAAAAY too complicated…3 26 13

But eventually I got things sorted out, got my friend Carolyn to look annoyed for me (because, remember, Alice and the Caterpillar really don’t hit it off) and got my Alice. Then, all I had to do was add the smoke letters: “Who Are You?”, make the surface of the hookah reflective, and throw in a fractal loop. You know, little adjustments:

7 26 13

and here’s a close up of the hookah just by istelf:


I gotta say I love the purple iridescent glass.

And, finally, the finished product:conference with a caterpillar

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