… and this is what that last rant interrupted….

Sooooo, in between writing the Luninatia novels and short stories, I’ve been working up a heavy re-edit of the Tarot deck I created some time ago. Eventually, it will be marketed with a solitaire-style game I invented to go along with the deck, a sort of cross between a game of solitaire and a Tarot reading/meditation. So I’m going to be putting up the first few cards now, and will be posting the rest as they come along. For now, I’m not going to get into the meanings of the cards; if you don’t know them and want to know, there’s plenty of good websites out there that’ll give you a good idea.

So, here’s the first seven cards:

EDIT: I have since inserted the updated versions of the first 12 trumps, having lost the “in-between versions” during some unwise file deleting.  Those “are you really sure you want to delete this file” pop-ups are there for a reason, people!!!

I’m sure I could get them from my external hard-drive, but for now, the trumps you see from Fool to Strength are the updated versions as of June ’14.

More cards as they come, but for the curious, here’s the link to the old deck:

Major Arcana   Wands    Cups   Swords   Stones


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