A tricky balance

It’s interesting to get bitten by a plot bunny for the writing that you’ve put on the back burner while you’re working on your Tarot deck. For those of you new to my blog, a plot bunny (a fanfiction term) is an annoyingly persistent lil’ plotline/story idea that’ll come up and bite the ankle of your psyche, saying: “hey. Yeah, you with the writing skills. Get me typed into a word doc, now.” I couldn’t resist this latest Luninatia story – the working title alone justifies the commitment of at least a few minutes’ work each day: “The Great Wobbly Fuzzy Buddy Caper of 2384.” More about that later; it’s just one of many projects keeping me off the streets and out of trouble. So many bits of art, music, and writing to bring into the world, so little time…

But I’ve been being able to balance my projects lately, dedicating sufficient time to each. Today I was able to get a good working draft of the ninth trump, Number Eight, Justice. I’ve been exploring different border/label options, and include the latest variation in this post:

If there are any alternate titles for this card, they momentarily escape me.

VIII ~ Justice


EDIT: I have since inserted the updated versions of the first 12 trumps, having lost the “in-between versions” during some unwise file deleting. 

For those of you who are interested, here’s the link to the original major arcana.

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