It’s not a floor lamp; it’s the Vuvuzela of Armageddon!

Sometimes you think you have an image done. You’ve got something beautiful, simple, elegant. Something that, you think, drives home the desired meaning with all the correct symbolism.

Your image includes the Last Trump, so, you’ve got, as your Ultimate Trumpet, that kind of horn that’s straight and narrow and looks kinda like this:

"It's not a floor lamp; it's the Vuvuzela of Armageddon!"

“It’s not a floor lamp; it’s the Vuvuzela of Armageddon!”

Fine and/or dandy, right? Yes, it looks like a freakin’ vuvuzela, but it’s a simple, classic horn shape, pictured in many interpretations of the Resurrection, which is the traditional image for card number twenty, Judgement. So.

Now, because yours is a rainbow tarot, the Vuvuzela of Armageddon is a rainbow vuvuzela, and it’s shooting out a beam of rainbow light by which everyone’s being resurrected. And it looks something like this:

No, it is NOT a floor lamp. Really. And I can take or leave soccer, really. Sorry.

No, it is NOT a floor lamp. Really.

And, just as a matter of course, you run it by a dear, sweet friend of yours. And your dear, sweet, wonderful, kind friend, points out not that it looks like a vuvuzela, which you were expecting him to say (and already had a snappy answer for), but that it instead “looks like a floor lamp.”

And damn it, he’s right. So you sweat and you curse over pixels and curves and finally, voila:

XX ~ Judgement

XX ~ Judgement

Even better. This is why we love our friends.

Just as a side note: at one point during this discussion with my friend, I ended up googling “vuvuzela floor lamp,” expecting to find that at least one creative soul out in cyberland has kludged up a floor lamp using one of those annoying plastic abominations.  To my shock and dismay, there were none. Why the holy heck not? I know I’d find it hilarious, and it would silence at least one vuvuzela blast, and that can’t be a bad thing, right? 

Am I right?

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