Mosquitoes go home!!!

So a quick word on my workspace: we have this teensy tiny lil’ back porch at our place, and, in order to give our parakeet, Doctor Who, a bit of fresh air, I’ve erected a screen porch and we sit out here together in good weather while I’m working on my deck. He likes to hear from his wild cousins (and has learned a goldfinch call) and loves to sit in the breeze in our little private cabana, swinging on his favorite rope trapeze.

An unforeseen advantage is that this is a SCREEN porch, which means that the bugs can’t get in – so, no moths flying in my face while I’m reading my kindle at night on the back porch (I love being outside on summer evenings!), and even more importantly, no f%*#$ing mosquitoes.

Oh, they’re clustered around, just outside the screen, hovering where they can sense my carbon dioxide: they can smell me, but they can’t get me.

Hah. Bitches.

Any case, the pixel-wrangling continues unabated: here’s the next three cards, the three, four, and five of cups.

3 of Cups

3 of Cups

5 of Cups

5 of Cups

4 of cups

4 of cups

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