Interesting contrast…

So it took several hours to get the 4 of Swords, Respite, just right. The scene in the window you will recognize as appearing in a few other cards before this; the couch is from one of the oldest photos I have in stock, a piece of photo clip I bought back in ’02. The paisley of the shawl is a piece of cloth I photographed in ’06. The clock is from a retirement home I used to work back in ’02. The brick wall and the stone floor are also from images I have taken at various locations, but the sword rack is completely pixels. As for the guy, well, I actually have a bald nudist friend who has a bizarre condition which makes him alternately completely transparent and/or filled with clouds. 

4 of Swords

4 of Swords

After hours of getting the 4 of Swords “just right,” what a pleasure to have the 5 of Swords – defeat – literally assemble itself in under twenty minutes. Of course, I had the perfect stock for this, too – it’s the barbed wire from a river-facing wall in Winooski, the shot taken in the late 90’s, the building itself long gone. Nothing else was needed.

5 of swords

5 of swords

So a very interesting contrast, only incidentally in the meaning of the cards, of course, but also in the amount of time to get it to that perfect state when you say, “yes, that’s it!” Less than twenty minutes, I kid you not. Of course, that’s just fine with me when working with a necessarily depressing image – now on to the mystery and melancholy of the six of swords…

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