Finally, a *worse* love story than ‘Twilight!’

not my photo; not gettin' any money from it.

Not my photo; not gettin’ any money from it. Share and spread and see what happens.

In fact, I don’t think either man is gay, nor do I think that they have engaged in any sexual acts with each other; even if I did, *that* bit of their lives is their own business, and nothing that I would ever use to degrade someone – my mothers taught me better than that. All three of them.

No; the love that I’m referring to is the most twisted case of Bromance this civilization has ever seen, disgusting in the level of  flashy overspending for one man to impress another, not only in dollars but in time, energy, and manpower from an army of clerical slaves. The podcast that inspired this bit of naughtiness is a good one for Scientology watchers – the incomparable Jeffrey Augustine talks with survivor Marc Headley (of ‘Blown For Good’ fame) about some of the weirder abuses of Scientology funds – and of the Sea Org staff – perpetrated by the diminutive dictator on behalf of his personal action hero. You can find their discussion here.

More Tarot coming soon.

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