The Diminutive Despot of Scientology

Okay, just gonna slam this link down: a nasty little song for a nasty little man.

You’ll find the song here.

You’ll find the inspiration here:

Tory Magoo’s site is wonderful – she’s an absolute goddess with a fascinating history. You’ll find her site here.

Karen De La Carriere maintains a wonderful library of thoughtful, insightful videos. Like Tory, she is an effervescent, remarkable goddess. Also don’t miss her husband Jefferey Augustine’s podcasts. You’ll find them both here.

Mark Bunker is a delightful and wise man. He has a beard. You’ll find his informative channel here.

Another excellent repository of info is Chris Shelton’s YouTube channel, here.

And, of course, Tony Ortega’s blog is the definitive source on all things Scientology, and you’ll find it here.

This song is dedicated to all these folks, and more. Keep fighting!

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