Another Calendar Teaser!

The caption is just an addition for fun, and won’t appear on the calendar.

the wrong way


Unfortunately, the Tarot deck will not be printed until next year. But you can still order it now, and yes, the 2015 calendar will be available for Yule! Order that now, too!

And as a special thanks to you folks who follow this lil’ ol’ blog of mine, the prices are rock-bottom, and yes, will be going up once I’ve got these puppies posted elsewhere (more about that in a later post!) So, a mere $15 for your own Spiketacular calendar, and $25 for the Tarot deck – or, save five dollars off this already insane price and get them both for $35! Order now … while this deal lasts!

Just fill out the contact form below:

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2 Responses to Another Calendar Teaser!

  1. I know that castle! It’s in Austria. I used to live near it. :3

    • phoenyxrose says:

      Well spotted! It’s Castle Kreuzenstein – I was surfing public-domain images in Wikimedia’s ‘castle’ database, and fell in love! And Austria is such a pretty, country, too! 🙂

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