Happy 2015! Two New Songs up on YouTube!

I thought I’d spend my quiet New Years’ Eve with the parakeets recording a couple songs to put up on YouTube. First, I thought I’d do a re-take of Precious Child, in a more manageable key this time (I’m no longer able to hit those high notes; I’ll never see twenty-five or high G again!). I’m accompanied by my trusty old Q-chord, which is a kind of electronic autoharp, and the parakeets, who I swear were completely silent, right up until I hit “record.”


Then I thought I’d put up one of my personal favorites, my crowd-pleaser and anti-civilization protest song, Shoulda Stayed Aboriginal, which existed as a single kernel of the chorus for about five years before blossoming into one of the better songs I’ve written, IMNSHO.

Here it is.

On a sad note, my Granma Ruth passed yesterday, at the age of 94. She had a good run, and was living a pretty good quality of life up until the end. She was a cheery, kind, and gentle spirit, and I am honored to have known her. She was the last surviving member of her generation in my extended family, and my last grandparent. I will miss her.

Rest in peace, dear grandmother.

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