The Fight Continues in Ireland

A great conference, put on by a terrific bunch of folks. I can’t join them this year in person, but I will be with them in spirit!

enough is enough


Friday Feb. 7th – Saturday Feb. 8th

The Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland

Speakers will include:

John Sweeney, BBC reporter and author of Church of Fear

Russell Miller, author of Bare-faced Messiah

Nancy Many, author of My Billion Year Contract

Markus Thöß, film maker

Stephen Jones, ex-Sea Org

Dee Findlay, ex-Guardian’s Office volunteer

And Victoria Britton,

As well as a Skype appearance with Jon Atack, author of A Piece of Blue Sky

And, of course, here’s the official press release:

John Sweeney to join ex-members at Dublin conference to expose Scientology’s fraud and human rights abuses

Filmbase, Dublin, February 6th 2015 – Award-winning British journalist John Sweeney will speak at next week’s anti-Scientology conference, “Scientology: Enough is Enough”. This 2-day conference will reveal the abusive conditions, financial exploitation, coerced abortions and broken families that lie behind the Scientology organisation’s veneer of religiosity.

The press conference will begin at 18:30 on Friday, February 6th and from 12 noon on Saturday, February 7th at Filmbase in Dublin’s Temple Bar. It will also incorporate Q&A sessions and individual interviews.

John Sweeney is a writer and broadcaster. He has written seven books, including 2013’s “The Church Of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology”. He has also won prizes from Amnesty International and the Royal Television Society for his human rights work, and an Emmy for his broadcasting.

One of his most watched and talked about documentaries, 2007’s “Scientology and Me”, saw him being targeted by Scientologists, and he eventually responded (after what many saw as goading) by losing his temper, a response which prompted Panorama presenter Jeremy Vine to say: “He sure scares the hell out of me.” The Church of Scientology says Sweeney is a “liar, bigot and psychotic” and one Scientology blogger says “John Sweeney is genuinely evil”.

Sweeney will be joined by a host of ex-members and critics from Ireland and abroad, including fellow authors Russell Miller (1987’s “Bare-faced Messiah”), and Nancy Many (author of 2009’s “My Billion Year Contract”). Three of the speakers announced so far are defectors from the Scientology organization’s elite pseudo-paramilitary wing, the “Sea Org”.

For more information, check them out here.

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