Four New(ish) Videos Up

And they’re on my YouTube page. Only one is about Scientology – and it’s a re-make of an older song, with a bit of a story behind it, which involves trolling, alleged butthurt, and a small, non-representational couple members of Anonymous not making a good showing for the team – referenced here only because it’s an instructional example of human divisiveness, and also a damn good picture of how much we’ve all grown 🙂 . Dirt may be found here, but you’re gonna hafta scroll all the way down to the bottom. Any case, my husband’s been bugging me to re-record it, so here it is:


Then I added another song to my Tom Lehrer tribute, with the ‘Vatican Rag.’

I also finally recorded a semi-decent version of The Polyamory Blues . Enjoy:

And, finally, I recorded ‘Taboo.’ How many rhymes for ‘oo’ can you come up with? And darn if I don’t pull at least a coupla three extreme duckfaces… yikes.

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