Just a quick rant about bigotry masquerading as “religious freedom.”

I couldn’t believe it when I heard some news commentators speaking about that bigot Kentucky clerk’s case as if it was a case of her “religious freedom.”

Let’s get this clear – in order for this to be about “religious freedom,” IT ACTUALLY HAS TO BE PART OF THE RELIGION YOU’RE PRACTICING.

Now, all Christians who think that being against homosexuality is against your religion, actually do yourself a favor and READ THE NEW TESTAMENT – find one thing, ANYTHING that Jesus said about homosexuality … still looking? I’ll give you a hint – THERE ISN’T ANYTHING IN THERE. Nothing. Not a word.

Now let’s move onto the Old Testament. Yep, there it is… but… what’s this? in order to be in line with these dictates, the Bitch Bigot would also have to be against:

Eating Ham
Eating Shellfish
Sleeping in the same bed as her husband whilst menstruating
Talking in church
People with tattoos

She would also believe in slavery, stoning people publicly, and making burnt sacrifices – and stoning to death all those who did not do this.

In short, it’s NOT religious “freedom.” It’s ignorance using religious language as a smokescreen, plain and simple.

… sigh…

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3 Responses to Just a quick rant about bigotry masquerading as “religious freedom.”

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  2. well said. It strange that they don’t campaign against lying, hypocrisy or even helping the poor all of which are mentioned a lot in the new testament.

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