Curse You, Rule 34!!!

A/N: if you don’t know what Rule 34 is, congratulate yourself upon being a clean, decent, and upright person. However you got onto the internet, you should probably log off now and go back to the clean world, where you belong.

For the rest of us:

It’s a sick world out there. And I know I have a strange job, so I have bizarre work-related hazards.

And I’m not talking paper cuts, neither. I am a woman whose inner child has been seriously injured.

The injury in question comes from my freelance work – I’ve been doing transcribing for another ex-Scientologist author – and he mentioned a 1970’s children’s TV show from England, called Trumpton. Being the geek I am, I of course immediately googled it, and found a clip or twelve on YouTube.

Charming. Sweet. Cute. I was immediately enchanted.

But, I am a geek first and foremost. Even as I was saying to myself “how sweet! how innocent! It’s like a British Gumby!” my traitor mind had to have its say.

“Yeah,” it chuckled nastily. “And I bet if you googled just a bit deeper, you could find Trumpton porn. Rule 34.”

rule 34

Inner Child = devastated.

Back to work, me.

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