An Open Letter To Ms. Julie Estrada, Media Relations Manager, Legoland, California

2 December 2015


Julie Estrada

Media Relations Manager

Legoland California


Carlsbad, CA 92008


Dear Ms. Estrada,


I was saddened and dismayed to see that LegoLand California had recently donated ten thousand dollars on behalf of actress Jenna Elfman to the charity of her choice. Sadly, the “charity” Ms. Elfman chose is no charity whatsoever, but a front organization for one of the worst cults known, the so-called “Church” of Scientology. Of course, the front groups for this cult are many and no one can keep track of them all, but when questioned by Mr. Tony Ortega of the Underground Bunker, you disappointed us all with a lukewarm, boilerplate response about not exercising prejudice.


If you found that your company had just written a check to a front group for the mafia, would you give the same answer? What if the organization were a shell corporation funding ISIS or Daesh? This comparison might seem a bit extreme, but I can assure you that Scientology is not far off the mark. Although currently claiming the status in our country as a religion and even benefiting from 501-c3 status, Scientology is noted for using unethical high-pressure sales techniques to draw in tens of thousands of people who are then bled dry of their cash to fill its already swollen coffers. In its scant less than seventy years as an organization, this cult has acquired billions in funds from such “big-name” stars as Ms. Elfman, and the front organization she named as her charity shall not use one penny to further the human rights of children, nor educate them upon the human rights of others. All monies gained by this “Youth for Human Rights” goes directly into the bank accounts of the central organization – and, what’s more, in common Scientology practice, any pamphlets produced or distributed upon behalf of the group are done so completely at the expense of individual Scientology parishioners, with absolutely no financial contribution given from the cult itself. To clarify: the “Way to Happiness” books (and other materials) the cult commonly distributes to children must be bought by a parishioner at full list price before it can be “given” away by the “church” of Scientology.


Even more shocking than the misuse of funds is the culture of abuse toward children; Scientology parishioners are often bullied into sending their sons and daughters to Scientology Schools, which are a nightmare of abuse. The students, who are often pressured into dropping out before they graduate to join the cult’s own “Sea Organization,” are subjected to forced labor, gross negligence, and real endangerment. Emotional abuse is the norm, as the children are taught to obey authority without question and suppress all emotions; cases of physical and sexual abuse go unreported as a matter of course.


Does all of this seem far-fetched? I assure you that a careful perusal of the eye-opening links below will reveal to you a truth that is nothing short of shocking, disgraceful and, most importantly, well-documented and corroborated. This is no crank letter, but a plea from a professional writer and researcher who has spent a decade watching and commenting on the motions of this dread cult.


The first link is the most important and the most poignant. This website was founded by people who grew up in the shadow of this terrible cult. Their stories are chilling, and speak for themselves. I challenge you to read even one of them and see if you still think of this as a matter of mere “discrimination.”


Please, Ms. Estrada, do the right thing. Research these links and others. The information is out there, and it’s all true. If Merlin Entertainment honestly stands for “being a force for good,” then it behooves you to examine this “donation” more seriously.



This is not just about a ten-thousand dollar check; this is about corporate America turning a blind eye to a criminal organization, a monster which is destroying lives, a murderer with far too much blood on its hands. Please, will you examine the links below? Even though Merlin Entertainment is a separate organization from Lego, you have a chance to stand for the ideals which we all know Lego embodies, and not ignore this very real threat, which is already impacting the lives of thousands of children, none of whom have time to play.


Please reconsider.




Karin “Spike” Robinson


Ex-Scientology Kids


a chilling overview of the treatment of children of Scientology


excerpt from a documentary focusing on the practice of forced abortion, the official “clearinghouse” of all things about the cult


a small sample of the negative publicity this has caused


where your ten thousand dollars is really going


Scientes autem quod scio, non possum non criticorum.

Knowing what I know, I can’t imagine not being a critic.

never in blood n bodies


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10 Responses to An Open Letter To Ms. Julie Estrada, Media Relations Manager, Legoland, California

  1. milliedaisy says:

    excellent as usual Spike I hope it gets read

  2. petlover1948 says:

    well written; was it sent to Lego?

  3. Nicely done, Spike! Well said!

  4. Spike, I would like to commend you on taking the time to write this well thought out letter. I would also like to add and convey my disappointment of @Legoland_CA ‘s decision to donate to Scientology’s front group. Donating money indiscriminately under the guise of celeb charity to unknown organizations is financially irresponsible. I will be actively boycotting #Legoland_CA and Merlin Entertainment events in protest of their choice to fund the abuse of human rights, children and families stuck in Scientology.

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