Have Yourself a Merry Little R-6

So I still haven’t had a reply from Ms. Estrada yet, but it’s only been a day. In the meantime, I was reflecting how odd it was that Jenna Elfman would want to light a Christmas tree anyway – although Scientology claims to be “compatible” with all faiths (I’d imagine like a set of knockoff bricks would be “compatible” with Lego and a couple other sets), in fact, their scriptures claim, at one “spiritual” level, that Jesus never existed, and that, in fact, the whole story was made up as a lie to control us, and then “implanted” into us a long time ago, in an incident called “R-6.”

At a later point in Scientology scripture, Hubbard claims that Jesus was a pedophile given to violent fits of rage. This is, of course, inconsistent with earlier levels, but consistency, shmistency, don’t bother a Source with petty details.

Selected Hubbardian quotes on the subject, with excellent commentary by Margery Wakefield, is available here. And for the record, Ms. Elfman and others should be able to believe what they want. But not letting people know what you believe until they’ve paid thousands of dollars is not okay, nor is lying about what you believe. If your faith tells you that Christmas is celebrating an illusory pedophile, then why are you lighting a Christmas tree?

So here’s a song for you, Ms. Elfman.



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