Getting Ahead of the Boss

So one of the really nifty things about le job is that Jon encourages me to make creative and eye-catching illios for his blogs. So for today’s blog on the difference between Freud’s model of the subconscious and the reality that modern psychologists are finding, I made him a spiffy banner of black and white silhouettes, using one of the several gazillion stills I have of him from the Toronto Conference:


(So why do I have so many pics of Jon Atack on my hard drive? Because it took that many still captures of the vids to get the image that is now his main publicity headshot. But the other stills, coming as they do from a professionally-lit, professionally shot, high-def source, are excellent for stock use if I need extra eyes, noses, profiles, etc. – and have been integrated into the “body shop” of my art stock files. Waste not, want not.)

So, I looked at my creation and said: “I can do more with that!”

Twenty-four hours and I’m still playing with the boss’ head. I mean, I do that anyway, but this time in pixel form. So enjoy:

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