Illustrations and Good Work

I can’t tell y’all how much it really is satisfying to be doing these illios and blogs, and finding writers, introducing folks to other folks they need to meet, and getting important information to the folks who need it. I’ve connected people to needed resources, introduced activists who have needed to share information, even helped someone to safety.

And then, there’s the writing and the research. What a wide array of categories of study! Undue Influence is not just in cults, but in politics, corporate culture, schools, families, sports teams, social clubs … the patterns of coercion are all around. And I’m helping bring peoples’ attention to what we need to do if humanity is going to live together peaceably.

But it’s the art that’s the real joy! So I thought I’d share a few of the blog illios I’ve been putting up, just for the halibut.


Anyhoo – ART!!!


Some of these you might have seen before, so please forgive.

And here’s the boss’ latest, fresh off the proverbial presses:

I love my job.

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