Word Art!

I know I’ve been neglecting the heck out of this blog, but the Open Minds Website 2.0 is nearly ready for launch and many exciting things are happening.

But, because of the relative coolness of my boss, I’m encouraged to keep up on my own art, and, because I’ve been working with words with such precision, it was only natural that I’d start seeing words as art in themselves. So, here’s a few samples:

meltingcontrastcheeseThen I decided to try some punctuation. This guy looks like something out of South Park:


and as soon as I did him, I realized what word would be really fun to render – that one that all the cartoon characters say – grawlix

At one point I asked Jon what word I should try next. I should have known:influence

Then I got dark.mysterious despair

More to come. I won’t leave this in despair!

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