Two Songs in Uneven Meters

Something about entering large swaths of data into a spreadsheet just brings out the blues in a gal. So, for the first one, a bit of explanation: I’m currently re-reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (trilogy? pentogy?) and for some reason got the “Old Janx Spirit” drinking song in my head.

So I decided to do my own version. The first verse is Adams’ ; the second verse my own humble expansion. The melody is (mostly) mine, taken from my admittedly foggy memory of the excellent David Dixon’s rendition in the old radio series.

It’s just your standard Orion blues song. And, as we all know, blues songs on Orion are in 7/8 time, that is, seven beats per measure.

Call it a waltz with a limp; I loves me my uneven meters.

So, then, later on, after it was really too dark to do a video, I decided to do an old song of mine that is also in a compound meter – 7/8+3/4. Talk about a waltz with a limp. And, no need to get worried – writing songs like this makes the sad, hopeless feelings they describe go away. 🙂

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