I’m an artist, bassist, pianist, singer/songwriter, science-fiction author, caregiver and crafter. This stuff just comes out and I needed a place to put it.

Just to clarify the whole name thing: my birth name is Karin, my married surname is Robinson, and most of my friends call me “Spike,” but when I’m onstage singing, I become this person:Phoenyx Rose sings “Precious Child” at the opening of What’s Alive Inside? on May 29, 2010.

Let’s see: I’m a Pagan Unitarian Universalist, I enjoy digital shuttebugging, British comedy, Star Trek, and chocolate. I’m currently employed as the personal assistant of an author and historian who is working to educate the public about mind control and undue influence; I consider myself an avid anti-cult activist.

To see my music, check out my YouTube channel here. If you want to hire me to play, I do Skype concerts! use the form below to get my voice for your event!

If you buy even one of my books, I’d be thrilled beyond belief: here’s my Amazon.com author’s page, but contact me at via the form below if you want to buy from me direct (it’ll be way cheaper and I’ll sign it, too!).

I’m happily married to a wonderful man who lets me create whatever I want, as long as I remember to clean up the mess afterwards.

I’m deeply passionate about my beliefs and so will probably do a lot of philosophizing here. Please feel free to argue along, as long as it’s respectful.


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