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So Who Is Telling The Truth?

  A friend of mine asked me, in these times of seemingly contradictory information, how to tell who’s speaking the truth, and who isn’t. The answer is simple: All you have to do is look and see who is calling … Continue reading

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My Top Five List – Dystopian Books

Originally, it was going to be a top ten list. But, as the wit once said: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one.” Writing a Top Five Dystopian Book List, very fun. … Continue reading

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Stop the Ignorance!

I try not to de-friend folks based on their political views; I think I’m openminded enough that I can disagree, even a lot, with a person and still be friends. But today I woke up to not only a hateful … Continue reading

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Trump/Putin ’16

We’re all excited here at my blog, because we’ve found out some terrific news: IT’S OFFICIAL!!! The Donald shall be announcing sometime next week that he is replacing his current running mate, whatshisname, with the man he has named as … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up To…

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting the blog. But that’s because the boss has been keeping me up to my ears in work. But what fascinating stuff! Yes, it’s not always the happiest of news, but this stuff needs to be seen, … Continue reading

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Spike’s Backyard Video Blog

I think it was someone at Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker who told me I “totally had” to do this. Whoever you are, you know who you are. And this is totally your fault.

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The Things You Find When Cleaning Out Your Hard Drive!

A/N: This is an old piece that I’d honestly forgotten I still had stashed away in the depths of my hard drive. I wrote this back in 1997, just a few weeks after the Heaven’s Gate suicides, and maybe a … Continue reading

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