Illustrations and Good Work

I can’t tell y’all how much it really is satisfying to be doing these illios and blogs, and finding writers, introducing folks to other folks they need to meet, and getting important information to the folks who need it. I’ve connected people to needed resources, introduced activists who have needed to share information, even helped someone to safety.

And then, there’s the writing and the research. What a wide array of categories of study! Undue Influence is not just in cults, but in politics, corporate culture, schools, families, sports teams, social clubs … the patterns of coercion are all around. And I’m helping bring peoples’ attention to what we need to do if humanity is going to live together peaceably.

But it’s the art that’s the real joy! So I thought I’d share a few of the blog illios I’ve been putting up, just for the halibut.


Anyhoo – ART!!!


Some of these you might have seen before, so please forgive.

And here’s the boss’ latest, fresh off the proverbial presses:

I love my job.

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So Who Is Telling The Truth?


A friend of mine asked me, in these times of seemingly contradictory information, how to tell who’s speaking the truth, and who isn’t.

The answer is simple:


All you have to do is look and see who is calling people names, and who is engaging in ad hominem attacks rather than addressing actual issues and questions. Also, it should go without saying (but sadly, it doesn’t) that you should not believe when someone says they’re being “attacked” or “slimed,” until you’ve checked out the source(s) yourself. An acquaintance of mine recently complained to me that he’d been “publicly humiliated” by the moderator of a certain forum; when I finally found the conversation he was referencing (which he was careful not to direct me to himself), I found that the “humiliation” in question was, in fact, a rather polite disagreement with something he’d said. DISAGREEMENT IS NOT AN ATTACK.

I’ve found that those who engage in the worst mud-slinging will often claim they are victims of similar treatment, and yet, no one but them seems to have seen those insults. When asked to produce evidence of these attacks upon them, they will not be able to show screencaps or links, but steadfastly maintain that they have been slandered, nonetheless. And then they’ll keep on slinging their own, “retaliatory” mud in full view. Usually, when someone’s really being “slimed,” everybody knows it and you’ve already seen it.

It also is important to note that comments by other people visiting a person’s blog or YouTube channel cannot and should not be credited to the owner of that forum – many people running discussion forums do not delete comments unless they’re obscene or threatening, which often means that comments they themselves disagree with must stay. Many moderators also feel it’s better, when someone says something rude on their blog, to let the comment stand, but ignore it, as those who are rude on discussion forums are often just looking for attention. So, when calling people out for being rude, make sure you’re calling out the right person.

And fer goshsakes, folks, let’s be nice out there. There’s no reason to sling mud or engage in name-calling. If you disagree with a statement, disagree with the statement, but don’t call the person who said it a jerk; that sort of nonsense is simply counterproductive, and in the end, only makes everyone look bad.

Rant over.



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My Top Five List – Dystopian Books

Originally, it was going to be a top ten list. But, as the wit once said: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one.”

Writing a Top Five Dystopian Book List, very fun. Writing a Top Five Dystopian Book List and actually drawing a salary – priceless. And I even get to do nifty art for the article, like this:


I love my job and am beyond grateful for the dear friends I work with and for.

Here’s today’s OMF Blog, by yours truly:Spike’s Top Five Totalitarian Favorites


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Getting Ahead of the Boss

So one of the really nifty things about le job is that Jon encourages me to make creative and eye-catching illios for his blogs. So for today’s blog on the difference between Freud’s model of the subconscious and the reality that modern psychologists are finding, I made him a spiffy banner of black and white silhouettes, using one of the several gazillion stills I have of him from the Toronto Conference:


(So why do I have so many pics of Jon Atack on my hard drive? Because it took that many still captures of the vids to get the image that is now his main publicity headshot. But the other stills, coming as they do from a professionally-lit, professionally shot, high-def source, are excellent for stock use if I need extra eyes, noses, profiles, etc. – and have been integrated into the “body shop” of my art stock files. Waste not, want not.)

So, I looked at my creation and said: “I can do more with that!”

Twenty-four hours and I’m still playing with the boss’ head. I mean, I do that anyway, but this time in pixel form. So enjoy:

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Stop the Ignorance!

I try not to de-friend folks based on their political views; I think I’m openminded enough that I can disagree, even a lot, with a person and still be friends. But today I woke up to not only a hateful rant, but an inaccurate, hateful rant.

So, one more time, people:


Remember when America used to be the land where everyone was welcome, and we tried to understand each others’ faith traditions, not ban them? Well, neither do I, but it would be nice, for once.

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Trump/Putin ’16

We’re all excited here at my blog, because we’ve found out some terrific news:

IT’S OFFICIAL!!! The Donald shall be announcing sometime next week that he is replacing his current running mate, whatshisname, with the man he has named as one of history’s strongest leaders. What a time to be alive.


And, remember, kids, as ‘Murica-Jeezus(tm) says: “Blessed are the Strong, for they shall Crush the Competition.”

Here’s a bumpersticker for the new partnership:


And the button:


Finally, a Presidential running team worthy of our abject obedience.



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TreeDude! or, how to burn your computer’s memory circuits out, revisited

A cow’s age ago, I put up a fractal that had really crashed my computer’s memory due to all the layers.

Well, here’s an even more intricate project. And I need a title, so if you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments.

And no, the letters don’t spell anything, but anyone who actually finds a coherent sentence and can point it out to me, I’ll send you a print, ‘kay?

Any case, here it is:

treedude finished


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