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S.P. Woodstock, Part 2: Why Was It Woodstock?

Wherein the Author attempts to describe the indescribable, express the inexpressible, and yes, even eff the ineffable, but not before taking a brief digression to defend her much-maligned employer and friend   Now, I’ve been a Scilon-watcher for a long … Continue reading

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Auntie Spike’s Protest Songbook!!!

Download, share, distribute, re-distribute, add to, alter, but never sell. Most importantly, use this songbook to BRING DOWN THE “CHURCH” OF $CIENTOLOGY. Auntie Spike’s Protest Songbook

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The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Anti-$cientology Protesters

A/N: Yes, I know it’s supposed to be seven; when doing research for this post, however, I was gratified to get such wonderful responses from various journalists, activists, and other members of the anti-cult movement, that the wealth of wisdom … Continue reading

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Four New(ish) Videos Up

And they’re on my YouTube page. Only one is about Scientology – and it’s a re-make of an older song, with a bit of a story behind it, which involves trolling, alleged butthurt, and a small, non-representational couple members of Anonymous … Continue reading

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Green Man, dance with me!

So since there’s  some confusion about my religion (according to one wag, “all” my videos (one, really) had Mary, Mother of Jesus in the background — I knew I should’ve moved her off the shelf, but I have a thing … Continue reading

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Sapphire Sky, Kaleidoscope 3, and part 2 of ‘Live and Direct’ and an unfortunately long rant about an unfortunate encounter

I’ve moved my rant down to the bottom of the page. I’ll keep it, because I still stand by what I said, but the art is much more important. **************************************** Anyhoo, all that aside, on to the song. We’re back … Continue reading

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