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Brainwashing in 2377 – A Novel Excerpt

A few discussions on some of the Anti-Scientology message boards got me thinking again about the cult I created for the fictional world portrayed in my novels and short stories in the “Luninatia Orchid” series. In this excerpt, my protagonist … Continue reading

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The Buckingham Lease by S. G. Robinson

The Buckingham Lease By S. G.  “Spike” Robinson A tale of sex, neo-jazz, more sex, pod-racing, and polyamorous bisexual pagans on the moon. Kat Sandersen might not like her commanding officer, but she has to admit that he’s got style. … Continue reading

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The Scorpion Files hits the press

(trumpet fanfare) I’ve finally DONE IT!!! After years, no, decades of hard, hard, hard work. Now available on Kindle and in print at Amazon.com and other venues: buy it at Amazon.com here and contact me below for other vendors! Introducing … Continue reading

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Polyamorous Pagans on the moon: a small slice of life

This excerpt is small but tasty: it’s a flashback from Kat’s teenage years, and shows the family dynamic of a multiple-parent family with polyamorous links. from the Buckingham Lease (c) copyright 2010 Karin A. Robinson It is an uncommon privilege … Continue reading

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Excerpts on polyamory; discussion and song later

Before I get up on my polyamory soapbox, I thought I’d let my the products of my overactive imagination do the talking. So I’m posting a few excerpts from The Novel to illustrate a few ideas, or at least ruffle … Continue reading

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Novel excerpt

My friend Tenneh said she’d like to see some writing, so today I’m posting a scene from chapter 2 of my novel The Buckingham Lease. This is from a body of writing that I call “The Luninatia Orchid” — right … Continue reading

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