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Have Yourself a Merry Little R-6

So I still haven’t had a reply from Ms. Estrada yet, but it’s only been a day. In the meantime, I was reflecting how odd it was that Jenna Elfman would want to light a Christmas tree anyway – although Scientology claims to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Ms. Julie Estrada, Media Relations Manager, Legoland, California

2 December 2015   Julie Estrada Media Relations Manager Legoland California One LEGOLAND Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 julie.estrada@legoland.com   Dear Ms. Estrada,   I was saddened and dismayed to see that LegoLand California had recently donated ten thousand dollars on … Continue reading

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Another One Leaves the Org

While writing a couple of articles about cults, I got some lyrics running around my head which attached themselves to a familiar tune. I offer it as a song for all you folks who go to protest outside $cientology orgs – … Continue reading

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Finally, a *worse* love story than ‘Twilight!’

In fact, I don’t think either man is gay, nor do I think that they have engaged in any sexual acts with each other; even if I did, *that* bit of their lives is their own business, and nothing that I … Continue reading

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Someone had to do it…

… and the hell of it is, I can’t sell it, ‘coz I don’t own the rights to the base photo. Ah, well, it needed to be done. For my dear friend Lindsay:

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Introducing Creepfest: My Dream Movie

Steve Buscemi, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Tony Shalhoub and Christopher Walken are the best of the bizarre, the quintessence of quirkiness, the sultans of strange, the olympiads of odd, the most wonderful of the madly weird, the creme de la Creep. Continue reading

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